Thank you for your support.

PsychOps Studios was created with the purpose of creating new fully free and open source products for everyone to use. But unfortunately, that journey ends for us here.
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Our gratitude goes out to

Night Rider#3927

Owner & Founder



Bread Goblin#7149



Project Manager


Financial Advisor









Toothy Fernsan#5108



Media management


Graphic Designer

Big Chez#0749

Graphic Designer

These, and many other people have together been a meaningful part of our community supporting us in our goals and actively participating in PsychOps. Their services are appreciated and will be remembered thankfully by us. We would also like to thank Etile for providing PsychOps Studios with infrastructure to host on when we first started.

But what about Pingernos?

Pingernos will remain online and will continue to be actively maintained by Night Rider#3927 and Heelyx23#0904. For questions, you can still join the PsychOps discord server. After PsychOps gets dismantled completely on 01/06/2023, Pingernos will continue under its own name as a stand-alone product.

Questions & Answers

The discord server will remain open but may undergo changes to fit in more as a community server. It will continue to serve as a support hub for Pingernos, and development support and/or snippet sharing.

Unfortunately, we were short on developers with enough experience to make reality what we had in mind. PsychOps Studios has been an amazing journey for us all, but it has become impossible to continue it.

To be completely straight with you, no. PsychOps will never be revived in its current form or branding. If we ever decide that a new oranization is in its place, we will make it a fresh start. For now, we recommend checking out Ulafo, a company by our friends.

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Beep, Boop, PsychOps Studios out.